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Branding and Marketing Manager




Working as the branding and marketing manager (for the main portion of my job) at the start-up company isoClean, my role was to create the brand for the company. 

The logo was created first and fit well with the companies goals of creating cleanspaces.  The goal was to be a one stop shop all cleanspace needs.  The logo loosely represents a cleanbox.  With an added component of the circle completing the cleanbox, this represents the isoClean team working to fulfill any needs for the client.  

The logotype uses the logo's circle as part of the "I" in isoClean.  A clean simple font was used that is easy for the audience to read and when looking at it they can make the connection to it being in the BioPharma industry.  Also to make sure we are working within our audience we chose a bold blue paired with a white as the primary corporate colors.  Alongside these colors we used a white, grey, black, and turquoise as secondary colors.  

As part of the company's services, we assigned a different color to each service to create color distinctions with each department and service.


Business card and letterhead samples can be seen here.  

Department Colors.png
Website Colors.png
Letterhead 1
Letterhead 2
Letterhead 3
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