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Assistant Costume Designer

The Lion King Jr.

Moorestown Theatre Company

Moorestown, NJ


Costume Designer: Thom Sirkot

"The Lion King Jr." was first done at the Moorestown Theatre Company (MTC) in the summer of 2015 and was the first production of this show in the tri-state area.  Because of this all of the costumes had to be built from scratch.  I was hired onto the job because of my background working with props and my sewing abilities.  


I quickly took on the role of the milliner and costume finisher.  The production time consisted of 3 weeks and over 250 pieces were created from costumes to masks to accessories.  I created all headpieces and animal costumes.  This consisted of Mufasa, Simba, Scar, all 16 lionesses, 21 hyenas, 22 wildebeests, 3 giraffes, 2 rhinos, 12 birds, 6 flying kite birds, 6 rams, 2 cheetahs, and 1 elephant.


The production received great audiences and press from local news channels, and since the production the headpieces and costumes have been rented out all over the tri-state area.   

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