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Assistant Properties Master

Titanic the Musical

Pavilion Theatre

The Pennsylvania State University

Scenic Designer: Daniel Robinson

Properties Master: Dominique Coughlin


Titanic the Musical was one of the most prop heavy shows done at Penn State University.  Working as the assistant props master I helped create and oversee more than 350 props.

We had a 7 week build period, for which I was working 25+ hours a week.  During this time we were reupholstering 3 furniture pieces, sewing 14 chair slips, researching and printing tickets, passports, and signs, set dressing the 1st class dining tables and placing the White Star Line logo on every plate, dish, bowl, and glass, designing a template for 22 lifejackets to be made, finding a grand piano to use as well as other instruments, creating tables and benches, finding 18 matching chairs, and creating many other hand props.


Through this experience I was able to learn how to be a props master and improve my sewing skills and photoshop techniques.  

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