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Scenic Designer


Scale: 1/4


AWiker Venus Research Board
Venus Drafting

During my research phase for Venus, New York Fashion Week was taking place and Kim Kardashian made headlines for her revealing sheer outfits.  Kim Kardashian's outfits would become my main inspiration.  

After reading Venus I felt it was a show that could be abstract in design.  I knew I wanted the character Venus to always be present on stage and for her to have the feeling that there is no place for her to hide.  I found many connections between Venus and Kim Kardashian; one of which is they became famous for their bodies.  With these thoughts in mind, I decided panty hose art would give me the sheerness and sensual quality I wanted.  


Using the panty hose I was able to create a circus environment to the design which was a specific design choice as Venus is on display at a side show for the majority of the play.  I wanted shadows and backlighting to be used to set the moods of each scene and the panels allow for interesting lighting choices.  The color palette was inspired by, Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West's clothing line "Yeezy".  I wanted to use a variety of nude colors to accent the differences that the characters came from. 


The floor is a black wood grain with a glossy finish.  The wood grain pattern follows the line movements of the platforms but is broken up with checkered fragmented paint marks.  I wanted to use many platform levels in order to create different areas and locations in each scene.  For furniture I chose to use was nine 2' x 2' boxes to create the areas and a piece of panty hose would fly in and be hooked in place as the cage (see above images).  

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