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Scenic Designer

The Thin Place

Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

Bloomsburg, PA


Directed by Michael Yerges

Lighting Design by Dave Yezefski

Costume Design by Thom Sirkot

Sound Design by Myles Moseley

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 11.14.24 AM.png

The concept for The Thin Place was to create a space that isn't what the audience believes they are seeing.  Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble has a loyal audience that knows the space and theatre., and because of this, we wanted to do what we could to confuse them to see something that isn't what is usually there.  The show starts with the "typical" blue show drape closed with properties downstage as the main acting space.  In reality we created a replica drape as it would operate differently than the show drape.  Over the duration of the show, layers of drapes slowly were pulled out to reveal the drapes behind it.  This motion happened constantly from the start of the show to the finale.  Unless the audience was clued in to watch the drapes, they hadn't realized they were moving but realized the set was transforming.  The purpose of this was to evoke the sense of change, uncertainty, and trick the audience into not knowing what they are seeing - mimicking the similar themes in the play.  

Towards the end of the production, the ghost moment was achieved by creating a false theatre wall downstage.  The audience has seen shows where the back wall of the theatre is revealed, creating this false wall in a different location was one more affect we wanted to use to trick our audience.  With the drapes pulled to their outmost position and the single red light shining onstage, the set ends in a completely different way than it began while still maintaining this slow evolution.  

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The Thin Place
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