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Set Design Intern

Internship Bootcamp Projects

New York, NY

David Korins Design


From January 6th, 2018 - June 15th, 2018 I worked as the scenic design intern for the company David Korins Design in New York, NY.  


During the first half of the internship while I worked assisting the David, the associates, and the assistants on drafting, model building, researching, and organizing presentations, I also took part in DKD Internship Boot Camp.  For this I had assignments in drafting, rendering, and model making.  


I was taught the DKD standards for their work and was trained to be able to produce work at the professional level. DKD produces work at a high standard and all who work for him are required to meet these standards.

Above are images of the model making portion of the training.  All model designs are from previous shows and productions by David Korins.

The first model, a white model on a turn table, I completed twice.  The first time I was given a ground plan with no directions about the elements and had to complete the design.  Then I was given feedback and redid the model.  Between the first and second models, I made improvements in my model making techniques.  


I then completed windows, a fireplace, a couch, and a piano and treated them with paint to create the finished looks.   

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