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Scenic Designer

The Sins of Sor Juana

Scale: 1/4


The play The Sins of Sor Juana is based off of a true story about a young woman named Sor Juana. My inspiration for this play is artist Aremisia Gentileschi.  Artemisia and Sor Juana were both alive around the same time.  Although living on two separate sides of the world, they experienced similar injustices. Artemisia's colors and textures inspired the use of rich natural oranges and greens.  


For the design I wanted the space to feel contained for scenes when Sor Juana is trapped in her closed corridors but open when they are located in the courtyard.  There are moments when people are watching over Sor Juana and are wandering the hallways near her or in the palace.  I created staircases and walls in the lower section to use for lighting and in the upper area arches and openings allow for moments when characters can observe down on the open area below. Characters who travel through the audience, are able to enter downstage, and use that space for acting.   

The architecture replicates colonial convents and courtyards.  I used images by Tina Modotti, a female photographer, as architectural inspiration for ways to create shadows in the space.  Other native architecture to the area was used to help create the layout and materials needed.  

Sor Juana Image Presentation
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